Class Changing

20111024quad3201Here’s some observations from mid-campus during the class change period where one has ended and you have 15 minutes until the next one begins.

As one class ends, there is a ton of movement out of the doors to the various buildings.  People are quite polite – holding doors, etc.

The sidewalks and stairs will intermittently become 2-wide with people.  Occasionally someone bumps shoulders or bags with a person going in the opposite direction.  Again, all very civil.

You can guess which students have another class far away because there is a lot more spring in their step.  They are hoofing it a little faster that the average student.

You can also guess when a student doesn’t have another class.  The casual meeting with another friend can turn into a few minutes on the sidewalks or parking lots talking.

Some of our students get to a discreet distance and then get out their phone to physically call someone.  It’s a dicey prospect to try and text and walk on a crowded sidewalk, so it looks like fewer were doing that.

I like to play the peoplewatching game of ‘Guess the Relationship’ as people meet.  I’m looking for who appears to be very attentive, whose face gives a smile brighter for person X than person Y, who appears uncomfortable and trying to avoid a meeting.  I love spotting what looks like crushes.

The weather started very cool this morning (low 40s) but it is warmer now (mid 50s).  A lot of our Deacs are wearing light jackets.  Lots of girls with scarves on, and the ubiquitous skinny jeans (or leggings) and tall boots.

As the next class period is about to begin, you see the latecomers trying to hurry up (but not run!), the sidewalks thin out, and then you are left with just the casual meetings.

And so it will continue for the next class change.


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