Finally – Cold

It is cold this morning, Deac families.  Very cold.  Like 36 degrees, frost on the ground, heavy coat cold.  This is about as cold as it has been this fall, and the trend looks to continue over the next few days.  Doesn’t appear we we reach a high in the 60s again until Sunday.

This has not been a spectacular fall for beautiful leaves and foliage.  It’s a shame, because when the fall leaves turn and they are at their best, the campus and surrounding areas are aflame with reds and oranges and yellows.  My favorite drive during the fall is down Reynolda Road, in between Reynolda Village/Reynolda House and Graylyn International Conference Center.  Reynolda Road is lined on both sides with old trees whose branches come up over the road, giving it some shade, and when those trees are at their peak, it is beyond beautiful.  I don’t know if we got too much rain this summer, or too little, or what, but the leaves just aren’t grand.  Too bad.   Or maybe it is just too soon, and another week or two will bring us the best of the leaves.  Let us hope.

I did stumble upon something very fun and cool to look at, though, and that is pictures from the President’s Ball, which was held for students (and interested faculty, staff, and alumni) during Homecoming weekend.  If you want to take a gander at students in their finery and dancing (or posing for photos) with great glee – you can see them here.

For those of you on Twitter, you may have seen the hashtag #WFUTaughtme.  It’s a way for students and alumni to show their appreciation for the lessons learned here on campus.  This is part of a broader Teacher Appreciation Week this week, and there are some wonderful and compelling notes, tweets, and pictures on this Weebly site.  There are a lot of great messages here, and I started to post some of them here, but I kept on finding other ones I did not want to pass over – and my list was getting too long!

Really – visit the site!!!  It will make you feel wonderful about the remarkable faculty teaching your students, and will make you feel wonderful to see what our alumni think about their alma mater.


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