My New Favorite Place – Zick’s

Yesterday was a new experience and a rare treat for me.  I went to have lunch for the first time at Zick’s – our new pizza/hangout place in Poteat Hall.  I was surprised and delighted by Zick’s, and on multiple fronts.

First – the food.  Tasty and cheap – which is a combination most college students (and I daresay families) will appreciate.  For $4.83 I got a giant slice of one of the three Pizzas of the Day (choice of cheese, pepperoni, or sun dried tomatoes/artichokes/mushroom) and a fountain drink.  The pizza was good, and the staff working there were super nice.   Because it was during work hours, I did not take advantage of the beer or wine available (for those over 21, of course) – but that will surely be a draw after hours.

Second – the seating.  There are lots of choices for seating at Zick’s – booths, tables, a long bar type setup with high chairs looking out the window, and even comfy armchairs with a shared coffee table area.

Third – amenities.  Zick’s has pool tables and other bar type games, so you have the opportunity to play some games and let off some steam in addition to getting something to eat.  There are TVs and music playing.  An architectural bonus feature is that the large windows running along the length of the building can be opened up to the Quad.  I can imagine this would be a wonderful thing on a crisp fall day.

Fourth – the decor.  Whoever designed this really nailed it!  Very warm feeling inside – dark wood floors and some beams, muted tans and golds, the furniture is interesting but not institutional.  I road tested some of the armchairs and they are extremely comfortable.  Very interesting hanging lights over the bar.  BRAVO that they decor is largely reflective of our school colors (a pet peeve of mine, making new spaces that have no hint of black and gold.  Come on now).   There are some nods to historic WF in the ironwork on the elevator doors.

Fifth – the bonus basement!  Just when I thought I could not love Zick’s more, one of my lunch companions told me there is a downstairs!  And true enough, the basement has more of the main level – comfy seating, pool tables, TVs.

Pictures below.  I was hesitating about whether I should post this and draw attention to this new jewel on the Quad (because I don’t want it to be so popular that I can never get in there).  But this is too good a place to keep secret.  Tell your Deacs to go, and plan to have a looksie on Family Weekend.

And as we finish out this Friday edition of the Daily Deac – remember to give your students a call today.  As we often repeat, when students hear from home on a Friday, studies show they engage in less risky behavior that night.  So give them a call, tell them you love them, make the dog bark on the phone (I swear, missing pets is the worst!) and you don’t have to tell them not to drink or to behave.  Somehow the contact itself helps nudge them in the right direction.

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