Farrell Hall Grand Opening

20130919farrell9148Our much-anticipated new business building, Farrell Hall, opened in late summer and has quickly become an important feature on campus.  It has a new dining venue in it, Einstein’s Bagels, and I can tell you from experience that any time there is a new food option, our students (and faculty and staff too) will give it a test drive.

20130905business6214It is an interesting building, Farrell.  It has a huge “living room” type atrium that has access to Einstein’s as well as lots of tables and chairs that were designed to encourage discussion, collaboration, and community.  There are some great technical features in it as well – big screen displays to help you locate rooms or see what’s happening that day.  All very top-flight.

This is a great resource for the whole University.  Whether your student is a business student or not, he/she can take advantage of the public spaces, eat or study there, etc.  It’s big, beautiful, clean, bright, and interesting.

Though the building is already in use, there will be a Grand Opening for Farrell Hall on November 1st.  And the excitement is already beginning, with contests and the ability to win some pretty snazzy prizes (alas, not open to staff, which rules the Daily Deac out).  You (and your students) should take a look at the Farrell Hall Opening website, and enter to win some of these prizes.


Anticipate, participate, celebrate! Help us build excitement around the Grand Opening of Farrell Hall by joining farrellhall.business.wfu.edu.

This new microsite is engineered to engage alumni, parents, partners, faculty, staff and students and encourage them take part in the grand opening celebration. Visit the sight frequently to get an inside look at what students and alumni are saying.

Your participation will be integral in generating buzz about the Farrell Hall and the Grand Opening. Remember to check back daily for new content and updates!

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