Art Imitates Life

I was in Reynolda Hall the other day, and one of the things I love the most about our campus is the abundance of art (both student, faculty, and professional artists).  The staff here rotates the art every now and again, so something I might have seen hanging in Reynolda Hall a few years ago might be in Starbucks now, or vice versa.

scales painting studentThis is a painting of the exterior of Scales at twilight.  It brightens up the spot near the elevator on the ground floor of Reynolda nearest Benson.

20130919scales9180And this is a photo taken by our excellent University Photographer, Ken Bennett.  The angle and the lighting are slightly different, but it is still two pretty views of the same building and the same sky.

Twilight is a wonderful time to explore the campus, particularly in the fall, when we seem to get more orange sunsets and darkness falls earlier and earlier.  If your students haven’t done an early-evening exploration of some of the sights they take for granted during the daylight hours, they need to think about giving it a try.

Speaking of night – as always we remind you to touch base with your students on Friday.  Give them that quick call and connect with them, as having that reminder of home tends to lead to better and safer evening behavior.

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