It’s Finally Here

Move-In Week is finally here!  For the next couple of days, students will be arriving for various pre-Orientation programs, then the big push for the bulk of the student body begins on Thursday.

The weather is not exactly cooperating for those arriving early.  Today is rainy and low 70s.  The five day forecast shows some rain over the next few days, but the percent chance declines as the week goes by, and the temperature will rise.

We’ve had a number of questions in recent days about Fall Break.  Fall Break is technically only one day off – Friday, October 11.  It is basically a long weekend.  I always advise my students to wait to make travel plans until they go through the first week of class and get their syllabus for each class.  The faculty will let them know if there are labs, outside of class meetings, etc. on the syllabus that could affect when they are free to leave for Fall Break, and I would hate for a student to book plane tickets without knowing their might be a required activity.

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