New System Is Launched

Deac families, we have been busy at the University installing a new alumni and parent records system.  This is an essential part of the work we do, because having a database to store our parent and alumni addresses, emails, etc. allows us to be able to stay in touch with you and send you the Wake Forest Magazine, the Wake Parents and Families e-newsletter, and so much more.

To help us keep the database accurate, please do let us know if you have had a change in address, phone, email, job title, etc.  You can make updates on the following Update Information site (and don’t let the fact that it is hosted on the Alumni page fool you – this form is good for anyone with any Wake Forest affiliation).

And for those of you who are parents of recent graduates, please have them also update their information with their life-after-Wake-Forest contact information.  There are young alumni we miss every year for invitations to WF Club events, Homecoming, etc. because we don’t have a valid email address for that alumnus/a or we have them listed in the wrong Club area.


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