Welcoming New Wake Foresters

High school graduations are finishing and that means the Parent Programs office is going on its annual summer roadshow – the New Student Receptions.  These receptions are held in cities across the country for new students and their families to meet and network prior to the start of school.  Over the weekend we held two – one in Baltimore and one in Bedford Hills, NY, and three are scheduled for this week.  If you are the parent of a new student and haven’t looked at our list of new student receptions, please look now and register to attend one.

Fear not – if one is not in your general area, we have compiled some of our talking points into two advice columns for new families.  One is about academic registration and course selection, and the other is about general activities you should be thinking about and talking about with your student this summer.

Parents and family members of upperclassmen, you can help us here.  If you have great advice or tips that you wish you had known when your student was a freshman, please feel free to share it with us at parents@nullwfu.edu.  We’d love to hear your suggestions and if we get enough, we might even compile them into a list!


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