We Are Almost There – 178 to Go

Today is the last working day of the University’s fiscal year, and we are so, so, so close to reaching our goal for parent and family support of the Parents’ Campaign of the Wake Forest Fund.  Right now we need 178 more gifts to get there.

Please consider being one of those 178 to help us get there.  You can give online at our secure site: https://secure.www.wfu.edu/giving/

Why should you give?  Last night I was at our Greensboro New Student Reception, which was an unbelievably great night.  We were fortunate to have a bunch of current students there – many of them seniors – to help greet the new students and families and to answer questions.

These kids blew me away.

They represented a lot of different activities on campus: from field hockey to sustainability to service organizations to student advisers to debate groups to politics – and more.  And every single one of these students (only one of whom I’d previously met) had great things to say about his or her WFU experience.  In the classroom, in extracurricular activities, and in the relationships they form with each other as well as staff and faculty.

They made me SO proud to be an alumna.

And by the way, you should be proud too, because these are YOUR KIDS.  The product of your good parenting and mentoring for all those years at home, now refined by the intellectual and social development that they experience at Wake Forest.  And before you think “my student wasn’t one of them who spoke at this reception,” I am firmly convinced I could have plucked any 10 kids off the Quad and dropped them at this reception and they would have been equally brilliant and kind and interesting and thoughtful.

When you give to the parents’ campaign, you help make Wake Forest’s type of educational experience and campus community possible.  The Wake Forest Fund allows us to be staffed adequately so we can get to know these students personally, to provide services and resources they need, and to allow us to guide and mentor their intellectual growth and stretch them in ways they have not been stretched.

I hope there are at least 178 of you who might be reading today who haven’t given and might be moved to do so.  A high tide rises all boats, so they say, and whether your gift is $5 or $5 million, please know you are making a positive contribution to life as we know it at Wake Forest.

Thank you for all you do!


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