Deac families, yesterday was our Wake 500 challenge, and what a day it was.  A Wake Forester had agreed to match gifts to the Wake Forest Fund up to $100,000 if we could earn that in 24 hours.  Additionally, this donor said that if we could receipt 500 gifts in that same 24 hours, the donor would kick in an additional $25,000 to the Wake Forest Fund.

Guess what?  We hit 500 donors before noon, and over $100,000 by early afternoon yesterday.

In part, because of YOU.  Wake Forest parents and families joined alumni in helping make this special matching gift a reality.  By making gifts to the Parents’ Campaign of the Wake Forest Fund, you helped push us over the edge.

Even better – the donor had said that if we got to 500 donors, the donor would give another $25,000 to the Wake Forest Fund if we could get to 1,000 donors by midnight.

If you look at the Giving page, where the totals from the Wake 500 challenge are posted, you can see that in all, $383,786 was raised from 1,829 donors.  That is simply unbelievable, and a true testament to the fact that so many people believe in the transformational power of a Wake Forest education.  All those gifts have to be processed and officially recorded in our system, so it will be a few days before we know how close we are to achieving our overall goal of having 3,100 current and past parent families supporting the parents’ campaign by June 30th.  But I know just from looking at Facebook and via emails I received that our Deac families were helping the cause.

By the way, if you have not seen the cool movie on the Giving site explaining what the Wake Forest Fund is – please watch it.  The Parents’ Campaign supports the Wake Forest Fund and this short video is a cool way of illustrating what the Fund is all about.  (And if you have not yet made your gift to the Parents’ Campaign of the Wake Forest Fund, please make a gift by June 30th and help us get to our 3,100 donor goal!)

But for now, on behalf of my very tired colleagues who were here until midnight, I want to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who supported us yesterday – and throughout the year.  Your students are the direct beneficiaries of the Wake Forest Fund.  And we could not do all we do here without you.

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.


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