Taking a Look at South Hall

For a lot of our first-year families (and students), one of the big anticipatory moments is which residence hall will their students be assigned to live in this fall.  All of our first-year students live on the south side of campus, and there are deliberate reasons for that.  Being clustered together puts students who are in the same developmental places in proximity (and avoids having a senior living next to a freshman), and it also helps them learn to live in community – long halls, shared bathrooms, etc. help them make friends and meet people.

There are many current students who would say that South Hall is The place to be, as it is the newest residence hall and has some bells and whistles the others do not.  And that may be true.  But from this blogger’s perspective, having lived in Bostwick, Babcock, and Collins, I can honestly tell you that Babcock was my favorite place of all.

20100730south5344 20100729south0126 20100809south0318 20100729south0116Here are a few shots of South, which are the most recent in our photo archive.  And for those who want to take a look at the residence halls and their floor plans and pictures, the Residence Life site has great coverage.  Click on the name of the hall to see more information and pictures.

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