Reynolda Gardens

20130605reynolda0052Now that summer is really and truly here, if you are on campus (whether in summer school or just visiting), you owe it to yourself to visit one of the treasures of the campus: Reynolda Gardens.  Tucked away in a lovely spot just a short walk from campus is Reynolda Village, home to Reynolda House Museum of American Art, as well as shops and restaurants, and these beautiful gardens.

20130605reynolda0088Right now the roses are blooming, and that is in and of itself a reason to get out there.  The gardens are expertly attended, and beautiful.  Most of our students at some point find themselves among the gorgeous flowers, either for a contemplative moment or a romantic outing.  The setting is extraordinary.  I highly recommend heading there around twilight.  It feels magical.

20130605reynolda0042Whether you take an athletic walk or run out there, or merely a stroll, this is a destination well worth your time.  So much of school is facts and figures and duties and responsibilities.  This is a place that is free, and beautiful, and peaceful, and calm.  And sometimes that is what you need more than anything else, to be outdoors among nature’s glory.






(Bonus points, Deac families, if you can tell me what those quotes above refer to in the setting of beautiful flowers and nature.  Email with your best guess.)

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