Rainy Wednesday

If you consulted the Quad Cam this morning, you would see gray, wet, and rainy.   It’s also cooler than normal – 70s – perhaps because of the rain.  And while summer school is happening, right now campus seems pretty empty.  Normally during the summer we have a lot of camps and conferences taking place – everything from sports camps, lego camps, cheerleading camps, etc. for the kids to conferences for adults, where businesses and special interest organizations occupy the dorms and meeting areas for retreats.  That won’t start for another week or two, so for now it is quiet.

One of the many summer construction projects is starting soon.  The city has decided to change the University Parkway entrance to campus because of a history of accidents.  In the past, many people exiting campus onto University tried to make a left turn, and it is a busy street (two lanes in both directions) and there were a number of accidents.  They city is now rerouting the exit from campus so that you may only make a right turn onto University Parkway now.  This is a good thing, done for the safety of those on campus (and visiting campus).

Farrell Hall is beginning to look more and more finished.  The work being done right now is nearly all internal – I imagine it is drywall and wiring and painting and such.  But even from the outside, the construction crew is starting to clear away the building materials and make the grounds much more tidy.  It will be an exciting day when that project is completed and our students have a wonderful new business building (and we get rid of construction fencing and gravel on the grass).

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