Casa Artom and La Biennale

6-10-13-casa-artomOne of the jewels in Wake Forest’s crown is Casa Artom, our residential study abroad house in Venice.  It is a former consulate and is located on the Grand Canal right next to the Guggenheim museum.  Decades of Wake Forest students have spent the semester there and develop lifelong passions for Italy and the romance that is Venice.

Venice is home of course to immense amounts of art and culture, one of which is La Biennale.  Today on the Wake Forest web site, there is a story about how Casa Artom opened its doors to artists, curators, and students for this year’s Biennale (read the full story here).  Casa Artom is no stranger to La Biennale; they had previously hosted an amazing exhibition called ‘Big Bambú’ in 2011.  The pictures from Big Bambú are pretty amazing, and there is a video slide show of that event.

As a reminder, for those of you whose students are considering going abroad at some point (and they should go if all possible!), this Getting Started web site is designed to help your students think through how to go about selecting a program and how to access the experts in the Center for International Studies.

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