A Rainy Start to the Week

After a weekend of absolutely beautiful weather, we begin this week at Wake Forest with a gullywasher.  Literally sheets of rain falling down and creating giant puddles everywhere.  Women of Wake Forest – if you’re wearing flats, forget it.  They will be flooded.  The forecast calls for rain and showers a good bit of the day, so I suspect our summer school students will venture out for class and not much more.

We held the first of our summer New Student Receptions over the weekend in Austin, Texas.  It is one of about 30 planned to welcome the new incoming first-year students and their families into the Wake Forest community.  These are great opportunities for new students and parents to meet each other and make connections before Orientation.  If you are a new family and you are not yet aware of these receptions, visit the New Student Receptions page for more information.   Also, if you aren’t aware of the New Students web site, there is a special parents and families section just for you.  It has deadlines and action items – both for you and your student.

And speaking of action items – there is an important action item for parents of returning upperclassmen (rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors).  There are still some students who have not paid their fall tuition deposit.  It is imperative that they (or you) do so right away, because students with unpaid tuition deposits could forfeit their residence hall assignment they selected during the spring semester.

To check if your family is paid and the account is current, visit this page for information and instructions.

Hope that wherever you are, you’re a little drier than we are here in W-S.  Have a great week, Deac families!

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