The Aftermath

If you look at the Quad Cam – at least as of this moment – the Commencement tent is still up, but that’s pretty much the only trace of Commencement equipment that is left.  The only other sign that something had happened there is if you look closely, you can see a streak down the center of the grass where the aisle had been for the processional and recessional.  That grass always gets trampled down and muddy (even in years without rain).  Before you know it, it will be reseeded and back as good as new.

Unless they come to Summer Session, our students normally never see everything that happens in the summer.  When they are gone, we do a lot of campus maintenance – could be to residence halls, academic buildings, offices.  Already in the big parking lot near Alumni Hall, there is a giant mountain of sand.  For what purpose I do not know.  But anything goes during the summer.



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