Reading Day

It’s Reading Day on campus.  That is the one day break between classes ending and final exams beginning.

The day is grey and overcast.   It is neither cold nor hot.  Somehow that seems appropriate.  Looming finals always felt ominous to me as a student, and it was difficult to study when it was 80 and sunny and gorgeous.  So a grey and sort of blah day feels right.

When you get this close to finals, every student needs to figure out his or her respective study groove.  For some it’s their room, others it is a study room or favorite nook in an academic building.  The Dean of the College has published a terrific Wake Study Space website to help direct our students to available places and spaces.

For a lot of our students, though, their study spot it is the library.

I talked to one of the remarkable librarians at the ZSR today and asked about the vibe of the library.  Is there palpable stress?  How do the students seem? etc.  My librarian told me that – no surprisingly – the ZSR is full of students throughout most of the building.  Happily, they don’t seem stressed out or in a panic, just diligently working hard, I am told.

Here’s the view from above.

As a reminder, Wake the Library is taking place, and one of my favorite diversions – the Graffiti Wall – is rumored to be going up tonight.  The Graffiti Wall is a place where students can take a quick study break and paint, write, you name it.  Some of the things put on the wall are really creative and lovely, others might be a little raw for website viewing.  We hope to have pictures later this week.

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