Forestry 101

It’s been a busy week here in the Parent Programs office, and that’s why we’ve had fewer Daily Deacs.  Our attention is turned to new students and their families.  We can’t wait to welcome them in August!

If you have been a regular on the WFU website during your student’s time, you may recall that for our new students, there is a New Students website that contains a plethora of information about Orientation, academics, registration, etc.  That website still exists, and if you want to take a trip down memory lane, feel free to browse it.

forestry 101 coverIn response to feedback from students and parents about wanting some more help (and printed materials) about Orientation and life at Wake Forest, this year we have created a mini-textbook called Forestry 101, which is subtitled “everything you need to know about everything you need to know.”  The book gives a lot of useful material, maps, campus resources, etc.  And for some of our students and families, this might be an easier way to process the information.

Forestry 101 just hit families mailboxes a week or so ago, and we have already heard from lots of new families who have additional questions or want advice (which we are happy to provide!)  If you are a new parent and have not yet discovered the parents’ section of the New Students website, please check it out, as it is a great source of information.

As we close out the week, we want to remind everyone – and tell the new families – that every Friday is what we refer to as ‘Black and Gold Friday.’  Wear black and/or gold, or even better wear some WFU attire and help us spread the word of Wake Forest to your businesses and home communities.  Every potential great student or parent that can see the Wake Forest name, the better.

We hope you and your Deacs have a great weekend!  Go Deacs!


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