The Last Friday

Today ends the last full week of classes.  So it’s the last Friday of the ‘regular’ part of the semester.  Classes will finish on Wednesday, and then there will be Reading Day and the onslaught of final exams, and packing up the room, and getting ready to head home, or to the beach for Post-Exams.

The weather is beautiful here again today.  Sunny and not too warm, upper 60s.  This will be a great Last Friday for your students to enjoy before the worst of the crunch begins.

I was in the Pit this morning for a breakfast meeting and the students all looked remarkably good for it being the last weekend to finish papers and projects.  The students are dressed down a little more than they normally would be (lots of t-shirts and workout clothes, not much makeup on the women), but people seemed happy.

We do want to warn you that your students might see some zombies tomorrow on campus.  There is going to be a Zombie Run/Walk/Shuffle on campus to benefit a local food bank.  I have been told by some who plan to run that you can dress as a zombie or a zombie hunter as part of the race.  The Winst0n-Salem Journal has an article about it.

So other than zombies, the forecast calls for a nice weekend.  Hope your students enjoy it!  And just think – soon they’ll be coming home to you, or you’ll be coming here to see them graduate.  That is nice to imagine, isn’t it?

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