So Much Going On This Weekend

It was a sunny but cooler weekend this weekend, Deac families, and there was a ton of stuff happening on campus.  It was a baseball weekend, with our Deacs playing Boston College.  In a very Pro Humanitate gesture, proceeds from the baseball series against Boston College will be given to The One Fund Boston.   Given the number of Wake Forest families in the area, this was a very nice thing to do. Then again, our baseball team is probably more sensitive than most to helping their fellowmen – if you did not know this, our head coach, Tom Walter, donated a kidney to one of his players a couple of years ago.  Unbelievable story; if you don’t know it, read it here.

There was the Earth Day Fair and the Food Justice Summit, an East Asian Spring Festival, and the Chi Rho Big Concert.  In terms of the unofficial activities, this was also the weekend where the DKE fraternity hosted its annual mudfest – no, that’s not the proper name – but it is a backyard party that appears to have a Slip N Slide and all the mud you can handle.  Coming home from the Earth Day Fair, we saw some young ladies absolutely covered in mud making the long walk back to their residence halls, then as we drove by the DKE house we saw all the hilarity in their back 40.  It is a spring tradition here.

I talked to some of the students I know at the Earth Day Fair, and they expressed how stunned they were to have only a week and half of classes left.  They can’t believe how fast the semester has flown by for them.  It was tempting to tell them “just wait – time speeds up exponentially the older you get,” but that is one of those statements that classifies me as an Old Lady in the eyes of 18 and 19 year olds.

They will find out soon enough.

Have a great week, Deac families.  May spring be sprung where you are, and let this week be the most boring news cycle ever.  I think we all need some good news.

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