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Yesterday as I was driving home, I noticed that there is new fencing being installed along the norther border of campus.  The fencing is on the stretch of land and buildings along Polo Road, and it appears that it will cut back down toward campus near Martin residence hall.  The fencing is part of new security measures, which also include closing of the gatehouses at 6 pm, as well as increased police patrols in the areas near campus.  For those who are wondering, the fencing looks very Wake Forest – it looks like black iron railings and quite proper (not a giant brick fence or chain link).

There is beginning to be smaller and smaller piles of dirt, bricks, and equipment near Farrell Hall.  The brick is either fully up on the exterior or almost finished.  I suspect that the massive work inside will occupy much of the summer.  The structure itself is massive and should be an amazing resource once it opens in late summer.  In addition to classroom space for our undergraduate and graduate business students, it will also host the University Recruiting Center, which will be a much nicer and more impressive place for all students to have on campus interviews.

The new dorms on the north part of campus also have their exteriors bricked.  These will open for this fall, and when residence hall selection took place last week, I am told the new dorms went very fast in the lottery.

As for our students – dress is getting more and more casual the closer we get to finals.  Comfort is of the highest order right now, as students race to finish papers and projects and begin studying and packing.  Steady on, young Deacs – just a few more days to go.

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