Rare Books Room

Every Wake Forester experiences the campus in his or her own way.  You find your favorite times of day (or night), favorite seasons, favorite places to be alone or places to eat or places to study.

And as we get closer to the end of classes, some of our students might be realizing that they are soon going to be packing up and leaving for the summer.  Or for the seniors, leaving for Whatever Comes Next.  I’d bet you a cup of ZSR Starbucks that some of our students will be getting a little misty eyed thinking about their favorite places and things they do here that make them the happiest.

I don’t know what your Deac’s favorite places, spaces, or things are.  But I thought it might be fun to showcase a few of the usual suspects over the next few weeks leading up to graduation.  Today’s entry is – the Rare Books Room.

If your students have not already discovered the Rare Books Room, they need to get themselves to the ZSR Library toute de suite.  It is a calm and quiet place.  They can browse some old and very valuable books, and talk to the dedicated library staff there.  There are all sorts  of treasures, and aesthetically it is lovely.  When I go in there, it makes me happy.  

Here’s a picture of our philosophy professor Christian Miller giving a lecture there.

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