Quite A Week

Deac families, it’s been a busy week on campus.  Today is the second of two Campus Days, where we are welcoming our accepted students and families in the Class of 2017.  There are about 400+ families here, and unlike last Friday’s event, today is overcast and windy with stormy looking skies.  We expect rain at any time.

And while the families this week do still look excited and eager (and a little anxious), my impression is that there seemed to be a lot of people looking at cell phones beyond just the normal texting and checking of work email and Facebook.  I heard several people talking about the news of the morning: parts of Boston on lock down, which seems inconceivable.

We have many, many WFU families in the Boston area.  The campus is thinking of you.  We are also thinking of MIT, who lost one of its campus employees in the violence that happened overnight.  Also in the flurry of this difficult week was the terrible explosion in Texas, and we hope and pray there are no affected Deac families there either.

We have been working with Residence Life on campus to help share information that students received about Room Selection and an issue with the process caused by a technical, vendor issue.  There are two recent stories out on the Parent News section of our Parents’ Page, so you can read more there.

As a reminder, any time we have news to share with parents and families, it goes out on that Parent News page.   And in the event of an actual emergency, we have the Wake Alert website as the primary information source.



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