Pro Humanitate Day

Today’s Daily Deac comes to us from Intern C (’13), who is rapidly approaching graduation.  This post is about Pro Humanitate Day this past weekend.


This past Saturday, the campus and nearby community was abuzz with signs of spring—sunny, warm weather, our baseball team’s home games and Wake students spread throughout the local area, volunteering for Pro Humanitate Day. This campus wide day of service was composed of more than 250 students who chose to dedicate their Saturday to service.

The senior class helped out with local organizations that work to end hunger in the Winston-Salem community.  Juniors volunteered in a retirement community.  Sophomore and first-year classes poured their efforts into outdoor activities including urban gardening.

After volunteering, students were invited to enjoy lunch on the Mag quad with President Hatch and other students from all classes. The class councils and My Journey Initiative came up with the idea so that students would have the opportunity to join together to serve those outside of the Wake campus.

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