Magic Places and Campus Spaces

As we mentioned the other day, we’re going to spend the occasional Daily Deac highlighting some of our favorite places and spaces on campus.

If you read yesterday’s Daily Deac (12:30 Wednedsay), one of my lasting impressions of sitting on the Quad in the wind and the snowing cherry blossoms was that it felt like magic.  And one of the places on campus that is the most magical – at least for me – is Scales Fine Arts Center and the Wake Forest University Theatre.

Scales is a place where art and beauty are created.  People are transformed through costumes and plays and musicals.  The physical spaces of the stages are made and remade with every play and performance, taking us from the time of Shakespeare to the Dust Bowl era to the 1940s.  Beautiful and provocative student art can be found in the galleries.

There is magic made there with lighting and sound, the subtle parts of a performance that can help move you and stir the imagination in delicate ways.   If you’re lucky and you know the right people, you might be able to get a glimpse at the booths and the catwalks above.  That is certainly special.

There are artists and musicians and actors and designers and dancers – and even if you don’t see them on stage performing, you might catch glimpses of them working in the halls or the studios or the stages.

The building itself, with its contemporary shape, has lots of halls and nooks and hidden places.  From the areas backstage, the winding dressing rooms and green room, to the wings of the stage, to the loading dock (oddly my favorite) and the prop areas, it is a wonderful place.

If your students haven’t seen a theatre, dance, or musical production this year, or visited the gallery – urge them to do so.  Scales is a special place full of talent.

And magic.


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