For Boston

Our hearts are heavy following the horrific incident at the Boston Marathon.  In the past few years, we have seen a good number of incoming first-year students from the Boston area, which means there are a lot of Deac families up there.  We are thinking of you, and praying for you, and hoping you and your friends and loved ones are not hurt.

We also have a lot of runner Deacs – students, faculty, staff, alumni, and families alike.  I see people running all over campus and the surrounding roads every day, and sometimes I’m one of them.  Dean Steve Reinemund of the Schools of Business hosts “Dawn with the Dean” each week, and we also have a “Run, Forest, Run (or Walk, Forest, Walk)” group that meets.  We have track and field athletes, running clubs, you name it.

And today we hurt for Boston, and we hurt for runners everywhere who worked and trained so hard to qualify for this elite event only to have it so horrifically scarred.  And we are grateful for first responders, medical personnel, and everyone who helped in the immediate aftermath.

An alumna friend of mine – who calls herself a “former non-runner” – posted something on Facebook last night urging anyone who runs races to wear something today from a race you’ve run – a tshirt, a race bib, a hat, whatever – in support of those in Boston.  If you are a Deac runner, consider doing this.

I do not yet know of the impact the Boston incident had on the WFU family.  I can tell you that our outstanding administration – including the Chaplain’s office, Counseling Center, Campus Life, and News Service among others – work tirelessly in these cases to find out where our campus community is impacted and to offer help and support where they can.  As we have updates, we will let you know.

Boston and runners everywhere, we are with you.


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