After the Genome Conference

We’ve been having a string of absolutely glorious days on campus.  Shorts weather, voleyball on the sand courts weather, reading your homework on the Quad grass weather.  Best time of year, in my opinion.

Tomorrow we will be hosting Campus Day for Accepted Students.  There should be somewhere in the range of 300 families coming – some of whom know their student will be enrolling (or is already enrolled) and they just want to lay eyes on the place every chance they get.  Other families will be coming with students who are trying to make final visits to decide between their top two options.  We hope that they choose Wake.

In addition to Campus Day, the University is hosting a very interesting conference.  Tony Atala, who has made a name for his remarkable work at the Institute for Regenerative Medicine, will be speaking, among others.  If your students have interest in the medical field or bioethics, this is a chance to hear from some experts – including Ken Starr.  Details below.


A reminder to all –

After the Genome: The Language of our

Biotechnological Future Conference,” 

April 12 & 13

Events run morning, noon, and night in Pugh Auditorium 

Featured speakers include none other than Ken Starr (of Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky fame), along with Dr. Anthony Atala, Director of the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine; Ronald M. Green, Dartmouth; Ezra E.H. GriffithYale; Arthur Frank, Calgary, and many others.

We hope to see many of you there. 

Sponsored by the

WFU Office of the Provost, the Humanities Institute and

Baylor University

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