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Even though it is Spring Break, some of our students are hard at work on an upcoming campus project, Wake ‘N Shake.  The Daily Deac talked to Lucas Swenson, a junior Business and Enterprise Management major and co-chair of Wake ‘N Shake 2013, about this terrific campus event.


What is Wake n Shake?
Wake ‘N Shake is Wake Forest University’s 12-hour dance marathon which benefits the Brian Piccolo Cancer Research Fund. Wake Forest students will stay on their feet for up to twelve hours to raise money and awareness for the fight against cancer. 

When is it?
March 23 from noon to midnight in Reynolds Gym. 

How can students get involved?  Is it too late to sign up/form a team?
Student can get involved by registering at wakenshake.com. We have already had over 1,000 students register, setting a record for Wake ‘N Shake. Our hope is for 1,300 students to register for this year’s event before March 23rd. We encourage parents to have a conversation with their students about whether they are participating in WNS. It is not too late to sign up, joining with a team or as an individual.  

What does Wake ‘N  Shake benefit?
Wake ‘N Shake benefits the Brian Piccolo Cancer Research Fund at the Comprehensive Cancer Center in the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.  

The Brian Piccolo Cancer Research Fund was founded in 1980 by Wake Forest students wishing to preserve the memory of Wake Forest alum and Chicago Bears football star, Brian Piccolo, who died of cancer. During his senior season in 1964, he led the nation in rushing and scoring. Brian Piccolo went on to a short career with the Bears. Since his death in 1970 at the age of 26, there has been an 80% cure rate for embryonal cell carcinoma, the type of cancer from which Piccolo suffered. Since then, the inspirational life of Brian Piccolo has motivated students to raise funds and awareness for the cancer drive each year. 

After 32 years of annual fundraisers, over $1,200,000 has been raised to benefit cancer research. All of the money raised goes directly to the Comprehensive Cancer Center at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center. The efforts of Wake Forest students contribute greatly in the fight against cancer, as the money raised is donated directly to the Cancer Center and helps fund innovative trials and experiments to fight the disease. 

Why did you want to get involved in Wake ‘N Shake?
I wanted to get involved in Wake ‘N Shake because I developed a passion for Dance Marathons during my senior year at Ballard High School in Louisville, Kentucky. I was the Overall Chair of the 1st annual Dance Marathon, benefiting Pediatric Oncology Research at the University of Kentucky. After starting this event from the ground up, I became very zealous about cancer benefits and knew that I wanted to make a difference in Wake Forest’s event as soon as I arrived on campus and have been Waking and Shaking since then.

Talk a little about what today’s students think about service and Pro Humanitate.
I believe that service and the idea of Pro Humanitate has become engraved into the minds of Wake Forest Students. Most of us were very involved in our respective high schools and have developed a true passion and desire to make a difference in college. We do good for others because we deeply care about other people and sincerely want to improve the lives of those in need. Whether it is students lining up to do service on Saturday mornings or spending their Spring Break on a Wake Alternate Break service trip or doing mission work in Haiti, we see the impact that Wake Forest students have on the larger community each day. I am proud to be a member of a community that puts service and others above themselves. 

What’s the best part of Wake ‘N Shake?
My favorite part of Wake ‘N Shake is hearing from and meeting the six Team Champions throughout the day. The idea of highlighting Team Champions at WNS started 2 years and is now an integral part of the event. These individuals are extremely close to a cancer battle; typically they have fought or are currently fighting cancer and represent a team of participants during the event. They each get an opportunity to tell their story and what they have been through to all our participants. Each time I hear a Team Champion speak, it puts everything into perspective for me. They remind us why we are there and why we have worked so hard throughout the year. For them. For others. 

Be sure to look at our website where we will highlight all six 2013 Team Champions. They are amazing, inspiring and incredible people! 

Anything else you’d want parents to know?
Here’s how parents can be involved: 

DONATE – It is never too late to donate towards the cause. Your donations help fund innovative trials and treatments at the Comprehensive Cancer Center at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. We encourage you to donate on behalf of a student that you know participating or a general donation to the cause. Checks can also be sent to our office: 

Make checks out to:
WFU Brian Piccolo Cancer Research Fund
and they can be sent to:
WFU Wake ‘n Shake
c/o Student Life and Development
PO Box 7526
Wake Forest University
Winston-Salem, NC

WATCH – Parents, have you donated to the Brian Piccolo Cancer Research Fund on behalf of your student but still unsure what the event is all about? The Leadership Team is proud to be broadcasting WNS 2013 live on our website www.wakenshake.com, for the first time in the history of WNS. We encourage you to tune in to watch your students take part in this school wide endeavor to beat cancer.  

Email wns@nullwfu.edu if you have any questions about the event and a member of the Leadership Team will respond to you as soon as we can!


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