Wake Forest Post Secret

Just after Spring Break, Student Union is hosting ‘the most trusted stranger in America,” Frank Warren of Post Secret fame.  He will speak on Tuesday, March 19th at 7 pm in Wait Chapel.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Post Secret, here’s a description:

“Frank Warren’s PostSecret.com, which began as a small, personal project, is now the third-largest blog on the internet. Warren receives thousands of postcards a week to his home, each containing an anonymous secret. A new set of postcards are posted on the blog each week, and Warren has published five best-selling books full of these secrets. In his multimedia, interactive presentation, Warren describes how this project began, shares some never-before-published secrets, allows the audience to share secrets, and shares a few of his own.”

At the information desk of Benson Center is a box labeled Wake Forest Post Secret, with index cards.  Presumably they are collecting anonymous entries from students here.  I am not sure if those will be shown as part of Warren’s presentation, but it will be interesting to see what our students might write on their cards.

What are their secrets?

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