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We are glad to have your students back on campus following Spring Break!  We hope they had fun, but it sure felt empty here without them.

Andy Chan, Vice President for Personal and Career Development, posted a new blog entry on his Heart of the Matter blog – this one about resumes.  With it being spring and so many students (and families!) concerned about jobs, we wanted to be sure to share this information here as well.


A necessary step towards being hired for either a full time job or internship is getting your resume in front of a prospective employer. With the Internet, employers are inundated with hundreds, and sometime thousands, of resumes for every job opening. It’s close to impossible to stand out from the crowd. The Office of Personal & Career Development helps Wake Forest students get an edge by creating resume books for targeted employers who express specific interest in our talented students.

This year the OPCD is creating over 50 resumes books by class year, location and career field. For example, we have resume books for sophomores and juniors interested in the Washington, D.C. area, seniors and graduate students interested in Education, sophomores and juniors wishing to intern in Georgia and seniors and graduate students interested in staying in the Southeast amongst others. Students of all class years can submit their resumes.

Employers representing a wide range of industries and careers receive our resume books. Last year’s employers included: Ameson Foundation, Center for Creative Economy, Citizen Schools, Family Dollar Stores Inc., Google, Harris Williams & Co., Hawkes Learning Systems, Intel Corporation, Peace Corps, Plato’s Closet, Sageworks, Inc., The Home Depot, The New England Center for Children, The Weather Channel, Urban Teacher Center and more.

Parents, encourage your child to submit his/her resume in one or more of our resume books. It is very easy way for students to get their resumes in front of employers in their desired career field or location. Students will be able to submit their resumes between March 18 – 22nd. Below are  instructions for how to submit a resume to one of our resume books which you can send to your student.

  1. Login to DeaconSource.
  2. Select “Documents” and “Publish a resume” in the top menu.
  3. This will take you to all the available resume books.
  4. Beside each book, there will be a dropdown menu that will allow you to choose from resumes that you have already uploaded to the system.  It’s best to tailor your resume to the targeted book. Stop by the OPCD office for a resume review if you are unsure or have questions. To submit your resume, select your resume and click “Save.”

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