Quiet Campus

Spring Break is here, and the feeling of spring is here as well.  Yesterday it was sunny and reached nearly 70 degrees.  If your students had been here, they would have patterned the fields with blankets to sit outside and read, nap, catch some sun, or just relax with friends.

There was big news last Friday with the announcement of our Commencement and Baccalaureate speakers, Gwen Ifill and Carolyn Woo, respectively.  Having listened to many a commencement speech, I will admit to being a little biased towards journalists; they have done some of the best ones in my opinion.  It will be interesting to hear this one.

Our office has been getting many calls and emails from parents and families about the date for fall Family Weekend.  The date has not yet been set, but I can promise you that as soon as it is we will post it on the Parents’ Page.  While normally the dates for Homecoming and Family Weekend get set fairly soon after the release of the football schedule, there are a number of considerations we have to be attentive to, not the least of which is ensuring there is adequate hotel space.  I beg your patience as those discussions are finalized and hope that we will have a date for you very soon.

If your students are home with you for Spring Break, remember this is time for TLC, TLC, TLC!

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