BusinessWeek Rankings

Our office received an email this weekend from Mercy Eyadiel, Executive Director, Employer Relations, about the most recent BusinessWeek rankings for undergraduate business schools.

There is much to be happy about here.  Wake Forest came in at #18 (one spot up from the last two years) and remained #1 in Academic Quality for the 5th year in a row.

One important metric is that our recruiter score dramatically improved from 81 to 40 (based on a 3-year weighted average).  Mercy says this is direct result of our collective efforts to ensure that students are prepared and connected to the right organizations.  You can view the full ranking chart for school comparisons and more information.

We could not have achieved this recruiter score without the ongoing support and engagement of current and past Wake Forest parents and family members who make the effort to interview, recruit, and hire Wake Forest students, and who assist with critical things like networking.

Thank you for all you are doing to help promote Wake Forest’s name and students within your organization.  Keep up the great work!



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