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During the spring semester, it is natural for our seniors to be looking for their next step.  Hopefully most of them are taking advantage of all the opportunities in the Office of Personal and Career Development to help them align their educational and career goals.  Today we wanted to mention to parents a program that is available to our students.

Designed specifically for recent liberal arts, sciences or engineering graduates, Wake Forest offers a 10-month Master of Arts (MA) in Management program, which broadens students’ educations beyond the focus of their undergraduate studies.  This is a learning environment that is experiential and hands-on, emphasizing the value of teamwork and collaboration in solving problems.  It takes the solid liberal arts background a student has and adds the technical business skills needed to explore a wider range of career opportunities.  Students will get to work intimately with a company or organization through our Graduate Business Consulting projects in an effort to solve a real world problem they are facing.  Graduates of this program go on to find careers in a wide range of industries and geographic locations.

Real world example:  I knew a terrific young man who was a music major here on a Presidential Scholarship.  When he was a senior, he interviewed at several companies who liked him a lot, but said they wished he had a little more business knowledge.  He completed the MA in Management program and re-interviewed with some of the same companies he’d seen as a senior – and got the job of his choice.  He and his parents could not have been happier.

Here’s a testimonial from the mother of a “double Deac” who did the MA in Management program.  Lia Flur was a Political Science major here at Wake as an undergraduate and knew she wanted to explore the business realm.  She is now working as a Marketing Associate for the Advisory Board Company in D.C.

“The Wake Forest Master of Arts in Management Program had a profound impact on our daughter Lia’s professional growth. Wake Forest provides students a learning environment of collaboration. The faculty has an unparalleled commitment to their students as individuals, being accessible as mentors and fostering their students’ growth.

The MA program instilled a renewed confidence in Lia, preparing her for the business world by not only approaching problems analytically, but also quantitatively. Lia studied political science and international studies as an undergraduate and was fully engaged in qualitative analysis. However, having been removed from quantitative reasoning, she was unsure of her business acumen. We had no qualms she would thrive in the MA program, but her confidence rose tremendously as she sharpened her skills and excelled in the qualitative and quantitative approach to problem solving.

When weighing the opportunities of attending the MA program at WFU, we advised Lia to talk to as many mentors as possible, and to think deliberately about her personal and professional goals. We also wanted to make sure she was energized to fully immerse herself in a year of intense study following four years of undergraduate study.

We can honestly say, attending WFU’s MA Program was the best decision for Lia. The knowledge she gained, the confidence in her business abilities, and the friends and mentors she now has as lifelong influences, had a dramatically positive impact on her and have prepared her for a life of success.”  – Stacey Flur, parent of Lia Flur (’11, MA ’12)

If you want to learn more, there is a terrific website for parents of students who are considering the MA in Management.  This could be the perfect program for your senior!


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