Soggy Monday

It is a gray and soggy Monday.  Our thoughts are with the many Deac families in the NE who are digging out of 1-2 feet of snow.  We’ve had a tremendous influx of students from the Boston area over the past few years, so we know you have been hit hard.  We are thinking of you and wishing warm Southern winds would blow north to you.

Our thoughts are also with any Deac families we have in Mississippi, where a large tornado cut through Hattiesburg.  We received an email from a concerned parent lastnight asking “does Wake Forest have storm shelters?” presumably because of seeing the coverage that there was a college in Hattiesburg that did sustain some damage.

No, we do not have an underground storm shelter that would house all students and staff in case of a tornado warning.  However, what I can tell you from personal experience my freshmen year when we had a tornado warning, the RAs told all of us to move into the basement of our residence hall and close the room doors (so we were away from windows).  Most of our buildings have a basement level – on the academic side as well as the residence hall side – and that would be the place to go.

This seems a good time to mention that there is a Wake Ready web site that talks about emergency preparedness, and we encourage parents to talk to their students about it and share this link so that students can review it now.  There is a section on their Emergency Situations site about weather that details tornadoes or other extreme weather.

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