Civil Rights Activist to Speak on Campus

The Office of Multicultural Affairs is hosting an event tomorrow evening that might be a very interesting one for our students.  On February 13th at 7 pm in the ZSR Library Auditorium 404, Dr. Bob Zellner, a prominent Civil Rights activist, will be lecturing on his memoir, The Wrong Side of Murder Creek.   

The Office of Multicultural Affairs website provides some information about his background:

Raised in south Alabama by members of the Ku Klux Klan, Bob Zellner spent his adult years bringing Civil Rights to the forefront. Arrested 18 times in 7 states, Zellner was charged with everything from criminal anarchy in Baton Rouge to inciting the black population to acts of war and violence against the white population in Danville, Virginia. Zellner’s memoir, The Wrong Side of Murder Creek, A White Southerner in the Freedom Movement, tells his story of one white man who challenged the southern way of life on which he was raised.”

We frequently tell parents and families to encourage their students to take advantage of the special speakers and guest lecturers that come to campus.  There is a plethora of experts that our students can hear from on a variety of topics.  If you think this would be of interest to your Deac, be sure to pass it on to him or her.


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