Winter is Coming

For any of the Deac families keeping an eye on the weather, it looks like our little slice of NC is going to get some rain, freezing rain, sleet, or snow, depending on which weather forecaster you use.  It is already very dark and cloudy and extremely cold.   The action had appeared as if it will start right around midday – but it is 9 am and it is snowing lightly right now.  As in any other weather situation, your student would be notified if there classes were to be canceled.  Here’s a reminder of how those weather or emergency notifications work.

If your students are looking for things to do this weekend (and wish to stay on campus because of weather) there are a number of options:

– Late Night Laser Tag on Saturday night

– Movies in Pugh Auditorium – either Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone or Argo

– Laurel McLaughlin, one of our Presidential Scholars, is doing a recital on Saturday

– Women’s basketball plays at 2 pm at  the LJVM Coliseum

There are many more activities that will be sponsored by individual groups, club sports and campus rec, etc.  These are just a few highlights.

And because we haven’t said this in a while, it is a good time to remind parents and families of the importance of making a Friday afternoon phone call to your student.


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