Study Abroad Fair on Tuesday

There is a Study Abroad Fair tomorrow (Tuesday 1/29) from 11 am-4 pm in Benson University Center Room 401.

If your student has not gone abroad yet as part of his/her college experience, please recommend the Study Abroad Fair to your student.

I can say this from personal experience – and it has been echoed in the stories of legions of students I have met during my time as an administrator – the semester (or summer) you spend abroad is transformational.  It is unbelievable how much it expands a student’s worldview, sense of history, understanding of other cultures, and self-reliance.

I loved every minute of 7 semesters of my undergraduate time at Wake Forest, but my semester abroad was transcendent and provides me with lessons I still use today and memories I treasure.

So parents of first years, sophomores, and even juniors – if you have not had the discussion about an abroad experience, please talk to your student about it.  There are some stipends and scholarships available to assist students with financial need.

Best. Semester. Ever.


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