Snow – Campus Opens at 11

We did get snow lastnight, Deac families, but not as much as was predicted.  There is probably about an inch or two out there, heavier coverage on grass than pavement.

It had been raining miserably for about 3 days and yesterday was very cold and blustery.  There was a rain-snow-slush combination that started coming down around 7 pm lastnight, but the flakes would melt as they hit the already-wet ground.  Closer to the 9-10 pm range there was thunder in addition to the snow (the rare “thundersnow” as the Weather Channel calls it).  At that point the snow started sticking, and it was coming down fast and furious.  Around 11 pm there was a bit of freezing rain as well.

Classes and administrative offices are opening at 11 am today, which means your students with early classes are likely waking up very, very happy – and immediately going back to sleep : )

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