Last Days Before the Return

It’s the final days before students can return to campus from Winter Break.  Those who are here now are either RAs or part of the sorority recruitment process.  Here’s the breakdown on recruitment today:

Day 3 – Women are invited back to a maximum of four sorority events (though less is a possibility).  At the end of Day 3, sororities choose which women they would like to invite back for Day 4 events, and the women select the chapters they are most interested in returning to the next day.

So as the process continues, options are naturally narrowed down.  This can be a source of drama and disappointment if young women do not get invites back from their top choices.  Parents and families, please urge them to stay in the game and not immediately drop out if they miss their first choices.  As we have said in previous Daily Deacs, EVERY group is going to have some fantastic and interesting girls, and our women can move into those groups and bring their energy and vitality and help shape the next wave of [insert sorority name here] on campus.

And as we mentioned, women will have an opportunity to interview to be part of the new Kappa Alpha Theta chapter a couple of weeks after recruitment concludes.  This could be a very appealing option, particularly for girls who are in established friend groups and hope to stay together in one sorority.  There are no guarantees about being taken, of course, but being a charter member of a new group enables you to shape that group and really make an impact as leaders.  Just a thought.

One quick note about Saturday’s activities (Day 4).  Women are invited back to a maximum of two sorority events (though less is a possibility). Day 4 is also called Preference (or Pref) Night, where the rank their preferred order of the sorority(ies) for which they are still eligible. The sororities also select the women in whom they are most interested.  It is important to understand the notion of Single Intention Preference, which means a woman has two options for chapters at the end of the recruitment process but only considers membership in one.  If she only lists one option on Pref Night, it drastically reduces her chances for being matched with an organization.  Young women should think long and hard about whether they would be happy putting all their eggs in one basket – and possibly coming up empty – vs. being willing to take a bid either place should it be offered.

Sunday will be Day 5 – Bid Day: women are notified if they receive a bid. Chapters host events to welcome their new members. Please note, if a woman does not receive a bid she is contacted prior to the start of this day.

I feel for these women as they go to their events today.  It isn’t cold here, but it is gray and rainy.  If I were 18 again, this would be a day much better served to staying in your PJs, drinking a cup of tea, and watching a chick flick like The Notebook as opposed to trudging out in my finery.

Good luck to all our ladies as they continue the process, and we wish safe travels to our Deacs who will begin the pilgrimage back to campus this weekend.

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