That Basketball Game – WOW – and Give Your Kids the Gift of Laundry

I hope you had access to cable TV or an iPad/computer hookup lastnight, because the men’s basketball team put up one for the ages.  We played old Big Four rival NC State, and State had been predicted to beat us (at least among those stats aficionados that I hang around with).  NC State had knocked out #1 Duke a couple of weeks ago and was ranked 18th in the nation, and Little Old Wake Forest was not given much of a chance.  And in some ways, that’s where we do our best work – when people underestimate us.

The game turned out to be an incredible one – with lead changes, and big runs that were then chipped away.  There were some brilliant performances by our freshmen – notably Devin Thomas, who was referred to by many in the Facebook and Twitter worlds as “a beast” – and they mean that in only the most complimentary way, I assure you.  He had 25 points and 14 rebounds.  The crowd was loud and their joy was infectious.

Lots and lots of talk about  – notably the fact that our freshmen played so well.  One can only imagine the possibilities once our team gets a little more seasoned.  The crowd rushed the court afterwards, and it was a joy to see.  It’s been a long time since we’ve done that, and I was reminded of a song lyric that goes “the sunshine trapped in our hearts it could rise again.”  The Quad was well and duly rolled (please see Intern C’s coverage on the Parent Facebook page).  It is SO cold this morning that I have not ventured out to see it in daylight.  Perhaps later.

So the game was amazing and I was so proud of our team and the “6th man” that is our fans.  Moving from sports pride to student pride, I want to share with you a great story about a student entrepreneurial venture.

About a week ago, the Parent Programs office had a delightful meeting with two current students, Alex Smereczniak and Quentin Robert, to talk about their entrepreneurial venture, Wake Wash, and how it has grown and evolved into a flourishing campus entity.  Wake Wash is a door to door laundry service that students (or their families) can purchase for the semester.  The business is owned and run by Wake Forest students, who get valuable experience in business planning, operations, and labor relations.  When the owners graduate, they have typically sold the business to the next generation of Wake Wash owners.  It’s been a great success.

We are such fans of Wake Wash, we wanted to be sure that all parents knew about it.  Why are some of the reasons you might consider getting Wake Wash for your student?

– If your student is taking a particularly hard course load and needs every conceivable bit of help and free time to focus on studying.

– To congratulate your student on a milestone achieved (dean’s list, internship secured, etc.)

– As a birthday present or Valentines Day gift

– If your student is going through pledging in a fraternity or sorority and their time is packed to the gills with other activities

– Or even just because you are worried that that one red sock is going to end up in the load of whites : )

We talked to Alex and Quentin and wanted to share our interview with you.  Enjoy!


What began over 5 years ago as a class project has now grown into an amenity at Wake Forest that both faculty and students can enjoy and depend upon year after year.

In spring 2012, three Wake Forest students – Alex Smereczniak (’14), Tyler Leung (’14), and Quentin Robert (’14) – purchased Wake Wash with a new vision for what benefits the service could provide the campus of Wake Forest University.  After successfully transitioning the company into the fall semester and increasing its customer base by 25%, it is clear that the Wake Wash owners have continued to grow while maintaining its high standards of service.

So what is Wake Wash exactly?

Wake Wash is a door-to-door laundry and dry cleaning delivery service that presents students, faculty, and staff with the luxury of hands-off washing, drying, and folding.  We take pride in literally taking a load off of student’s already busy schedules.  With Wake Wash, students have more time to enjoy college and focus on the important things.

How does it work?

Upon selecting from one of our service packages, each customer is given a branded laundry bag to store all of their outgoing laundry and/or dry cleaning.  On scheduled days, bags are picked up from right outside the student’s door, brought to a professional cleaner, and returned within 48 hours.  It’s really that simple!

How can parents sign their students up for Wake Wash?

Parents and students can find more information and sign up on our website at

What other benefits do you provide to the Wake Forest community?

We’re glad you asked!  Wake Wash not only provides quality laundry care, but offers a unique platform for student growth and learning.  Our job opportunities foster creative thinking and allow students to apply their class learnings to an actual business venture.  For more information, please contact us at

Is there anything else parents should know?

Wake Wash takes customer requests regarding our cleaning process.  Please do not hesitate to let us know if there is a specific way we should wash the clothes or if your student needs hypoallergenic detergent.

Because laundry and our clothes are an important part of our day to day comfort, we strive to provide the absolute best quality of service to our customers.  Sign up today and let us “Wash” your worries away!

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