Events for MLK Weekend

At a school where we challenge our students to learn more than just what is in their textbooks and labs, but about their roles and responsibilities as global citizens, it seems especially fitting that we think this weekend about our school motto, Pro Humanitate (for humanity) and what that means in a historical and personal context.

Because of MLK weekend, there will be several opportunities for our students to hear speakers and lectures, and music of a celebratory nature.  It will also give our students time to think and reflect over the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. and his own service to humanity.  Most people are aware of his “I Have a Dream” speech, where he talks about his hopes and dreams for the future of our country and our citizenry.  With a weekend full of events, and a day off of school on Monday, I would challenge your students to think about their own dreams for the future.

What is their dream?  What is worth working for? Sweating for? Sacrificing for?  In what do they believe?  It’s not likely they will come up with an easy answer, two minute elevator speech or a soundbite about their dream, but they should start thinking about it.  College is the time to do these sorts of exercises.

Here are two flyers that might help your students consider activities this weekend.  I would challenge you to challenge your students to attend at least one of these events.  They might be outside your students’ normal comfort zone, or area of interest.  But college is about pushing your boundaries and limits and trying something new.  So try that lecture or concert and see what you think, and feel, and learn.  Your students will be better people for having tasted something new.

And perhaps beginning a dream of their own.

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