On the Subject of Luck

Only three more days of exams left and then your students can look forward to a lengthy Winter Break.  Our good friends at the ZSR Library are doing their part to help students by hosting the ever popular Wake the Library – which offers free coffee round the clock (bring your own mug), snacks at midnight, and lots of kind and comforting staff there to help you find a citation for the final paper you are writing or just to offer you a smile in the midst of palpable stress levels.

ZSR has a good sense of humor, too.  They are also on the idea of Meme Week, having posted this nice gem which is a takeoff on the popular young adult novel The Hunger Games and Effie Trinket’s favorite phrase “May the odds be ever in your favor.”  Even if you haven’t read it, your students likely have (or have seen the movie).

The Daily Deac WFU meme week continues, and like ZSR we are on the subject of luck and finals.  Some of you may have seen this poor fellow about the internet.  His name is Bad Luck Brian, and he’s become a famous internet meme representing a humiliating middle school (or early high school?) class picture, with captions that describe a variety of embarrassing and tragic occurrences.

Here are a couple of examples of Bad Luck Brian (boat ride and prank call).  If you Google “Bad Luck Brian,” you can see a lot of examples, in varying degrees of propriety (some are risque, so know that before you Google!)

Our WFU version of Bad Luck Brian is about exams.  We hope your students have much better luck than this poor fellow.

And may the odds be ever in their favor.

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