Lovefeast Video and Audio Slideshow

At last, we have the full video of the Lovefeast (which had been held this past Sunday evening).  While video can’t replicate 100% the feeling of being there, it may give you an idea of what the event was like.  It is about an hour and a half long, and if you have the time you can put it on and listen to the beautiful music and readings and reflections.

Perhaps the most iconic moments begin to happen around the 1 hour and 12 minute mark.  That’s when the lights are all extinguished and the we begin to light candles one by one until all of Wait Chapel is filled in beautiful candlelight.  Once all the candles are lit, the song “Morning Star” is sung responsively by both choir and audience.

The final song is always “Joy to the World.”  It is sung standing, and you raise your candle high at the last verse.  Always a very powerful moment. I bet if you asked Wake Forest alumni who attended the ceremony during their time as a student, they might remember “Morning Star” and “Joy to the World” the most.

If you are pressed for time and cannot watch the whole video, there is also a very lovely audio slideshow of the event.

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