The Lovefeast was lastnight, and it was a standing (or sitting) room only crowd in the aisles at the back of Wait Chapel.  It was a wonderful service as always.  When you arrive at the Quad, you see luminaries filling all of the Quad, and the lighting is beautiful.  For a short time the Moravian Star above the door to Wait Chapel was off, which was unusual, but it was relit.

As you enter the chapel, you are given a program for the service, as well as your beeswax candle and napkin (for use later).  The service begins with prayers, readings, and a reflection – this year’s reflection was done by Vice President Ken Zick and was about the Chi Rho trip to Africa over the summer – and then the singing and music begins in earnest as the Lovefeast is served.

Dieners (rhymes with wieners) pass out Lovefeast bread in large baskets, communally – you take one and pass the basket to your neighbor.  Then the dieners come back around with coffee.  All the while, you are singing Christmas carols or listening to our talented musical groups.  Then the Moravian blessing is said, and everyone eats and drinks together.

Then the Chapel is darkened and the candles are lit one by one until the chapel is all ablaze.  It really is an amazing moment.  We all stand to sing “Joy to the World” at the end, candles held high.

This year we had hoped for a high-quality livestream broadcast.  Unfortunately we ran into some technical difficulties, so that did not happen as planned.   We were able to livestream it on an iPhone (thank you, Apple!) and you can see some of those videos online. The high-quality video is going to be posted as soon as it is edited.

If your student attended, what did he/she think?  Send your best Lovefeast stories to

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