Finals Continue

To quote the old holiday song, “Baby, it’s cold outside.”  This week has been gray and cold and that seems really fitting given the fact that students are immersed in the joy that is final exams.  Once they get all their finals finished, it will be time to think about packing up for the semester and going home.  There are some important to-dos for both parking and residence hall checkout, so once your students are at a point where they can think about some of those types of practicalities, be sure to remind them to take care of business properly before they leave.

We’re trying to keep some laughter and lightness during finals week, so we’re recreating some of the best Internet Memes this week, but themed for Wake Forest.  One of my personal favorites is the “First World Problems” meme, where someone is despairing over a problem that is very trivial relative to all the issues in less fortunate parts of the world – and usually quite fixable if they would just take steps to fix it.   (Here are a two of my personal favorites that are not WFU-related: the cookie and the hotdog dilemma).

Today’s WFU First World Problem is about South Residence Hall.  Widely viewed by first-year students as the best dorm to be assigned to because it is the newest, South is a coup for a lot of people.  There is one problem with the ergonomics of the rooms – doors won’t stay propped open.  So enjoy the First World Problem of South.

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