And So It Begins

Finals Week is here.  This week will be especially hard for our first-year students just because they have not taken college level finals before and don’t really know what to expect.  Once they’ve gone through one set of finals, though, they will have a point of reference and will likely be less nervous going forward.  On Friday morning, Starbucks was jammed with students studying, and I suspect that continued throughout the weekend.

Late Night Breakfast was held last night in the Pit.  This had been a longstanding tradition that one of our faculty members started ages ago.  The idea is that breakfast is served to students by faculty and staff.  There’s music, fun, and festivity – and a lot of good comfort food to help power the students up for studying.  For those of you on Facebook, you ought to be following Wake Forest Campus Life.  They have a hilarious video from the Late Night Breakfast of the Deacon dancing in the Pit.

Because most of campus will be involved in Finals, end of year residence hall closing, or end of calendar year procedures, it might be a bit of a light news week here at the Daily Deac.  So we thought we’d do some WFU Finals Themed internet memes for you.  Today’s is from the Condescening Willy Wonka meme, which has been used very widely on the internet.  This one gently pokes fun at this generation’s belief (certainty?) that college now is a lot harder than it was in their parents’ days : )

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