Seen Around Campus

Tuesday I had a number of meetings on the central part of campus, so I took a look around at some of the common student hangout areas and high traffic areas for announcement and signage, just to see what was going on this week.  There are a number of bulletin boards and sandwich boards located in prominent locations near the entrance to the Mag Room, the Benson Center, the Library, and other places.  One of the things we know about our students is that while they are all inclined to be busy, they do not all like to pre-plan their events days and weeks in advance.  Sometimes these incidental signs and flyers catch their eye and help them make their plans more on the spur of the moment.

Here’s a random sampling of some of the flyers and signs up on campus.  There are a wide variety of activities – political, artistic, athletic, socially-minded, religious, academic.  This is not a complete list by any means.  I just wanted to give you a broad brush look at some of the signs around campus.

And my very favorite thing of all was that on a very very crowded bulletin board, some intrepid student put a pink Post-It note that simply said “Love yourself.”  It was a great reminder that amid all the clutter of a big bulletin board full of activities and a very busy college life, there are some eternal truths – and loving yourself should figure into your college experience.  Kudos to whoever that student was.

Flyers below.  Enjoy the spread.

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