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Every time it’s a presidential election year, I feel especially excited for our students.  They will have the opportunity to participate in the democratic process in so many ways: through discussions in classes related to political science, communications, journalism and more; through involvement on campus organizations like College Republicans or College Democrats as well as third-party groups; by witnessing their peers’ political and social expression through campus rallies, the hanging of candidate signs, etc.; and by exposure to thought leaders who will share their knowledge of the issues.

Coming this Friday is one such thought leader panel.  The Schools of Business and the BB&T Center for the Study of Capitalism are hosting a panel discussion entitled “The Issue of Our Time: The National Debt Crisis: What Should We Do?” The website describes this event as follows:

“The U.S. economy, along with most developed nations across the globe, is struggling with unprecedented levels of debt.  Are these debt levels manageable?  Are tax increases and spending cuts inevitable?  Can we grow our way out of the debt crisis?  Will we find the political will to solve this problem or must we, much like an addict, hit rock bottom before we truly begin recovery? The Debt Crisis panel will tackle these issues in a frank discussion about the challenges we face in finding and implementing realistic solutions to this compelling issue.”

The panelists have an extensive background in the private sector as well as in government, research, and public policy.  You can read the speakers bios on the webpage.  The discussion will take place this Friday, September 7th from 4:00-5:30 p.m. in the Annenberg Forum of Carswell Hall.

Parents and families, this might be a good moment for you to talk with your student about the idea of civic engagement and immersing yourself in the study of the issues before the elections in November.  We are bringing tremendous thinking talents to the table, and we want your students to be engaged and involved.  How they choose to vote is of course up to their own values and beliefs, but this would be one way your students can hear about the issues and find ways to challenge – or reinforce – their beliefs.  Do urge them to attend!

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