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It’s Black and Gold Friday, Deac families – which means that I hope you are wearing some gold and/or black today to show your WFU spirit!

And today’s Daily Deac dovetails off the idea of Black and Gold Friday.  It’s written by Peter Chawaga (’13), an intern in our Office of Communications and External Relations.  I met Peter for the first time a week ago in a large group meeting of communications professionals.  Peter was there and had very good input and insights at this meeting – and I am not surprised to see that reflected in his writing.

He wrote the following piece for our News Service about the spirit of Wake Forest, particularly as it pertains to athletics, traditions, and school spirit.  I’ll give you a taste  below, but you are going to want to read the full article.

“I will never forget certain things about my first football game as a Demon Deacon, although, to tell you the truth, I can’t remember what team we played or what the final score was. All I really remember is feeling like I was in well over my head. Everyone seemed to know songs that I had never heard, cheers I had never seen and if they weren’t fully clad in black and gold, they likely wore bow ties or sundresses. Clearly, there were things about this school I did not yet understand, but I wanted to learn and fully embrace the Deac culture.

Now that I’m beginning my senior year and fully immersed in the community, I have resolved not to take any of the things that make this school special for granted. I am determined to get the most out of my remaining time here, starting with the season home opener. After all, football games have always been my favorite venue for demonstrating school spirit. As my friends and I celebrated our match-up against Liberty, I couldn’t help but think about the traditions that make Wake unique. So, I entered the first of my last football games with a nostalgic eye open to what it is that can turn such unique individuals into a single Old Gold and Black spirit.”

Read the rest of Peter’s article.  Certainly makes me proud to have him on our campus, and reminds me of all the reasons I’m proud to be a Deac!

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