For those of you who are students of history, I just stumbled onto a new resource on campus.  Our new students are being asked to participate in a Summer Academic Project, which will get them thinking about civic engagement.  As an aside, the big finale of this project will be an opportunity to hear from Melissa Harris-Perry, a member of the WFU Class of 1994 and a journalist who has her own show on MSNBC.  She will be on campus on Monday, September 10th and will be speaking at 6:30 p.m. in Wait Chapel.  The presumptive focus of her talk will be on electoral issues.

On the Summer Academic Project website, students are encouraged to view the WFU history timeline, an interactive student-produced look at some of the most exciting moments in WFU history. To navigate, click the green “Start” button in the grey box on the left.  Use the small green arrows at the top and bottom of the grey bar in the upper right corner to zoom in and out to view more or fewer events.  Scroll through the years by clicking the larger green arrows on the bottom of the grey bar.  View more details about an event by clicking on it.

For more of the cultural moments in WFU history, the Traditions Council produced the Little Black Book, which is a primer meant for new students as well.

Enjoy your look back at Wake Forest!

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